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Take Your Christmas Tree from Drab to Fab

It’s officially time that you can put up your Christmas tree without getting yelled at that “It’s not even Thanksgiving yet!!” It is NOW Christmas to everyone and not just everyone that loves this time of year!!! 

I don’t know about y’all but my tree went up BEFORE Thanksgiving and I’m 100% okay with you judging me because decorating takes a lot of work and I like to stare at my magic more than just a short month!!! 

This year I put my Christmas tree up with my normal red and gold ornaments and stood back and looked at my tree and thought, “MEHHH…I need more!!!” So I pranced off to Hobby Lobby to find some goodies to make my tree really POP!!! 

When we first put up our tree, I felt like it all basically blended together and really needed a pop of color and some frill!

I decided to go with white since we just painted our fireplace white this past year and I am slowly working on small projects around the house to lighten it up! 

It’s amazing what just a few items can do to change up your Christmas tree and you really don’t have to go crazy with ribbons and crazy stuff..because I avoid ribbons at all cost!

And did I mention that Hobby Lobby has 50% off ALL their Christmas decor?! #Winning 

I bought this all for right around $ a can of fake snow! (Not tooo bad!!) But of course, I didn’t stop there and had to throw in some extra goodies not pictured here…OOPS! 

Once I unloaded all of my decor, I then loaded up Kohen in the stroller and Kyser on his scooter and we went and walked around the block to collect pine cones! 

We filled up the bottom of the stroller and came back and I sprayed them with my fake snow I had just purchased in the driveway and left them there to dry! 

I turned on the Grinch and started decorating! I also forgot to buy more hangers for my ornaments, so I used my paper clips from my desk, so if you see some random color hangers in there, that may be why!!

I now look at my tree and am so much happier with how it looks! So if you are feeling a little meh about your tree, it only takes a few small things to just give it that little extra oomph and your tree goes from drab to fab just like that! 


Kirstie Kay


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