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Self-Care: 7 Ways to Look Out for YOU in 2019

Everyone’s opinion on self-care is different. Do you think of it as pampering or just simply relaxing when you hear that term? I think of it as an act you do for yourself that protects you, keeps you grounded, relaxes you and improves your overall health and well-being!

The past 6 months or so has been a time in taking care of myself and DANG IT, it feels good! It has made me a much better mom, wife and friend.

Before I started this post, I was reflecting on a time shortly after I had my second born and how I NEVER did anything for myself. Honestly, this is embarrassing…but I was trying to cut my own hair in the mirror at home because I didn’t want to leave my baby or have to go and spend money on a haircut. What.the.heck! Why did I do that to myself? Having time to take care of yourself and your needs is crucial to any woman and I think especially for a Mom. Let me let you in on something, you cannot take care of tiny little dictators if you’re not taking care of you first! Well, I guess you can because I’ve done it, but it’s hard girlfrand!

My own self-care starts with what I do at night. Do you know research and testing has proven that not getting adequate rest at night is worse than not exercising or eating right? Scary.

So, I’ve started my list with what’s most important in my personal opinion.

Rethink your bedtime routine

Wine down-see what I did there?

Take a bath

Put down your phone an hour before bed

Go to bed earlier

Clear your HEAD!

Start a gratitude journal

You don’t have to write down a long list of things you’re grateful for, but jotting down something you love and appreciate about your husband or kids will no doubt make you more grateful for them. Try it!

Plan out your day

I’m guilty of NOT doing this but I have a planner now and I have full intentions on starting this come 2019! Chalene Johnson(my mentor) swears by this and I think it will help me save time and keep me on track with my goals in every aspect of my life.

Move your body!

Exercise is SO IMPORTANT! There’s a 100% chance that if I’m in a funk and I go workout, even if it’s for 20 minutes, my entire attitude changes and I am a much more enjoyable person to be around.

Eat well.

Don’t feed your body crap. Plain and simple. You have one body for the rest of your life and you’ve got to treat it right, my friend!

Learn to say no

We have an entire post HERE about why “It’s okay to say no”. This quote is my favorite..

“She was always so giving to the ones that needed her help. But there came a time when she needed to take care of herself. So she gave herself permission to say NO, to cater to her needs”-Kayil York

If saying yes to that outing or agreeing to do something for someone is going to effect your anxiety and mental health. Have enough respect for yourself to say no and move on without guilt.

Do what you freakin’ LOVE!

FOR THE LOVE, if you don’t do anything else, do what YOU love to do.

If that’s crafting, riding your bike, going to a gym class, yoga, mediating. Find the time to do it and get it done! This was the hardest for me to figure out. I always made an excuse for why I couldn’t make it to the gym or find the time to go get my hair trimmed. Until I didn’t and MADE IT HAPPEN. Sometimes that means you wake up a couple of hours before your kids wake or going after work and getting home a little later. Make it happen.

I can promise you, IT’S WORTH IT to take care of YOU!

What are some ways you practice self-care?




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