Start Your Year with a Vision Board

2019 is a BIG year for me and I really wanted to start the year with a clear vision of what I am wanting to accomplish, achieve and excel at! Not only in my businesses but my home life as a mom and wife!

Why is 2019 a BIG year for me! Well let’s see…May is my 5th Anniversary with the man of my dreams. My photography business turns 5! My blog, Share it Sister, turns 1. And y’all…I turn THIRTY!!!

Yes! This is a year of so many big “anniversaries” and I want to make this year the best one yet!!

I have been hearing a lot lately on the idea of manifesting what you want and it will happen! So I have decided to start my year with this positivity! 

A vision board of my goals is exactly how I wanted to start my year! So what steps should you take to make YOUR vision board?

Write Down Your Visions

Yes! Start out by making a list! Write down what you are wanting to accomplish! This will give you an idea of what you are looking for!

  • Your goals and plans
  • Vacations you want to go on
  • Accomplishments you want to achieve
  • Changes you want to make
  • Anything you can think of that you want to happen to YOU this year!!!

Collect Your Supplies

  • Poster Board, Construction Paper, Computer Paper – Whatever you want to make your board on
  • Magazines – I literally used a stack of People magazines I grabbed from my parents house – it can be any kind of magazine
  • Scissors
  • Markers, Pens, Paint
  • Glue
  • Stickers, stamps, or anything you want to use to personalize your board

Set up a Work Space

Set up a place where you can focus and you can spread out and have room to get creative!!! I used my living room floor – but of course, I did so when my kids were gone so I could fully focus on what I wanted to get done.

Find What Inspires You

Go through your magazines and clip out what inspires you!!! It can be words, pictures, anything that you can think of!!!

I mostly clipped words that spoke to me or motivated me to better myself!!!

Once you complete your clipping, glue your visions to your vision board, you can do it any way you want! You can color, draw, or sticker your vision board to add the extras to your board! Make it all about you!!!!

Place your Vision Board Somewhere you Can See it

I personally am making my vision board the size of my planner, so I can put it at the front! My planner is with me EVERY day – I am always scheduling, planning and figuring out what I am supposed to do and this is the perfect place for me to see it every day!!!

You can put it up on your wall or by your desk! You just want to put it somewhere that you can see it daily! The more you see it, the more motivated you will be to accomplish your goals, and in the long run, you can do just that!!!!


Kirstie Kay


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