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Lake Tahoe

If you’ve EVER even thought about going to Lake Tahoe for a vacation, do NOT think twice! My husband and I just returned from there and we can’t get it out of our heads. It was absolutely the most beautiful place on earth. Hands down.

I have traveled ALL over the United States the past couple years and this place will leave you in your tracks. The mind-blowing views will leave you speechless as you admire them. The clear, see-through water will render you breathless. The atmosphere will keep you motivated to do the most while you are there. This place is like a piece of heaven sliced out and put here on earth. You are unaware that this beauty actually exists on this earth. Lake Tahoe, you are a dream come true.

This was the most dog friendly & kid friendly place I have ever been to, as well. Dogs are allowed in EVERY store and EVERY restaurant. Yes, you read that right. The restaurants are a very laid back atmosphere. They have outdoor dining around a fireplace and live music at almost every single place to eat in the middle of South Lake. It is one of the coolest things you’ve ever seen or been a part of. There are numerous kids activities, also. From skiing to Ferris wheel rides in the middle of town, South Lake Tahoe has it to offer.

This is one of those trips you definitely want to plan ahead for, trust me. During the winter a lot of things are closed down and reopen in January. Like dog sledding and horse drawn sleigh rides. There are always snowmobile places open during the winter, though. Oh yeah, and plenty of casinos to burn your time and money if you’re anything like my husband and I. 😉


This is the one part about Tahoe that’s a little tricky and sticky. Their lodging is pretty expensive and ESPECIALLY at your peak vacation times.

You definitely want to do your homework and research on what works best for you way ahead of time. If you’re going with a big group of friends or family, you’ll definitely have better luck at staying in one of cabins in the woods. They’re so dreamy. Straight out of a movie. Swear. But, they’re pretty pricey.

My husband and I found a pretty awesome deal on Priceline. I book 100% of our hotels on Priceline during all of our journeys across the United States. It’s just what works best for us and Moon (our dog). We stayed in Hotel Becket Trademark Collection by Wyndham. We could NOT have found a better place, y’all! It was right in the middle of Lake Tahoe’s ‘hub’. We walked EVERYWHERE! Literally, everywhere. It didn’t matter that it was 15 degrees out, either. You really get into the Tahoe vibe when you walk everywhere. It’s a really small town, so everything is right in walking distance. It’s pretty amazing.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner restaurants, casinos, Hotel Becket, live music, live shows, magic shows, live theaters, movie theaters, grocery store, Starbucks…should I keep going? haha! Hotel Becket is the center of all this amazingness! We got so lucky!!! You also get breakfast vouchers for each day you stay there. They have a restaurant called ‘X Crows BBQ’ that doubles as their breakfast room. That place has phenomenal BBQ for dinner anytime you’re there. We LOVED it! Not to mention how fair their prices were compared to everything else in town. Like I said, lodging is your bundle of money in Tahoe, so you’ll definitely want to check Hotel Becket out to save a buck or two.

Also- we definitely recommend you check out Basecamp pizza! OH MY GOSH IT IS SOOOOO DANG GOOD!!!

What To Do:

The better question is, ‘what isn’t there to do?’ Skiing is clearly a given there, but that wasn’t in the forecast for my pregnant self. Our favorite memories from this trip were the adventures we went on. We LOVED going down to the lake, you know, Lake Tahoe. IT WAS MAGICAL! OH MY GOSH, SO BEAUTIFUL!!! The water is legitimately see-through. I can’t make this up. You can see every single grain of sand underneath the water. Pictures do not do this place justice.

You just stare at the water and the snowcapped mountains in the background wondering where you’re actually at. It’s effortlessly beautiful. Another one of our favorites was wondering up to Eagle Pass waterfall. Y’all there are an abundance of waterfalls in this area and they are ALL so amazing! Moon LOVED the lake and all the hiking to the waterfalls. The snow and ice didn’t slow him down, either. Like I said, there’s nowhere you can’t bring your dog…except maybe the slot machines. 😉

One night we really did something neat. We went to our first magic show, ever! The Magic Fusion Show. IT WAS MAGICAL! We have never been to one before and it did not disappoint. It was a slight of hand magic show and we were MIND BLOWN! The tickets were $50.00 each and it was an hour and fifteen minutes long. WELL WORTH THE MONEY! Don’t think twice about going to this show, just do it! They perform it 365 days a year and 2 times nightly. Our magician was on the CW show Masters of Illusion and he was AMAZINGGGG!!!

All in all, Lake Tahoe is a place we will ABSOLUTELY revisit after our little boy joins this world. We can’t say enough about how magnificent this place truly is. It’s a place you HAVE to see with your own eyes!


Macie Jo


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