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Goals I’m Slaying This Month

This is a post about the goals I’m crushing this month and maybe i’ll inspire you too! Why am I not creating a list for the year and just the month of January? I like to set goals like these in short-term. Short-term goals give me the feeling of accomplishment when I’m done and the motivation to start a new goal knowing I can achieve it!

I still set long-term goals too, but I feel like starting a new year with a ton of goals to achieve can be overwhelming and ultimately be ineffective.


We decided January would be the perfect month for doing a NO-SPEND spree. Ya know, right after Christmas when you need to replenish?! This means we don’t spend $ on anything we don’t absolutely NEED. The spending must-haves for the month are groceries, gas & anything that pops up that we have no control over, like medical costs. This is a great teaching opportunity for our kids to show them wants vs. needs, too! Wouldn’t luck have it, that while this blog post was in the draft, both of my kids got sick and there goes a whopping $100! Haha! That’s just our luck. Oh well…

To reduce our grocery bill, I spent a lot of time meal prepping our entire day of eating for a two-week span. Plus, I got busy on lots of freezer meals!

I’ve learned the key for staying on top of your grocery budget is to meal plan and go in for exactly what’s on your list and don’t stray away from it.

Click HERE for a great blogger i’m using as a tool to implement my budgeting!


I have written out that I’ll get a workout in on Mon., Tue., Thur., & Fri. with an optional Sunday workout. I also wrote down the specific workouts I’ll execute when I’m ready to go to the gym, too! Question: Would you all like to see a post of what workouts I’m doing? Leave a comment below and let me know!


This goes hand in hand with physical fitness. My plan is to eat at home for the entire month! This way, I’ll know exactly what goes into my meals and I can track my macros. I got a head start and froze a lot of nutritious dinners. I then have it written out what I’ll have for breakfast, lunch, and snacks for each day.

Being More Present

This is a goal I struggle with as a Mom and Wife daily. We all get distracted by our phones, laundry, work, etc. and put the ones we love on the back burner and I’ve done a lot of thinking and praying on this lately. It’s really not fair that they get what’s leftover of us. I’m putting my phone down and spending more time listening to my partner, opening up more conversations and spending quality time with him. For my kids, I’m going to play with them when they ask, go outside, be silly, dance with and just try to give them my full attention when I have down time.


Did you know that on average, people have 7,000 items in their home that they don’t need, touch or use! YIKES.

I’ve started with my garage and I’m purging every single thing that I haven’t used in the past year. My goal for the next few months is to go through every area of our house and do the same. My plan is to set a timer for 30 min each day and go through everything until I’m clutter free!

Leave a comment letting us know what goals your crushing this month/year!




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  • Lisa Long

    What gets you started or motivated?

    January 10, 2019 at 10:25 pm Reply
  • Penny

    I’m trying the “No Spend” January with no eating out! Since I’m in the middle of a small bathroom renovation, I will only spend extra money on that! And, I think I’ll also try your idea of planning out what I’ll eat each day- snacks and all. Do you do this the day before? I’d love to see a post of the workouts you’re doing! Keep up the inspirational posts, Tayler! I’m loving them!

    January 11, 2019 at 12:04 am Reply
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