20 Must Watch Movies Before Your Trip to Disney World

Planning our upcoming trip to Disney World, I want to make sure we watch all the “must watch” movies prior to visiting. You know the ones that are huge in theme throughout the park.

I want my son to recognize the characters and know who they are. In my opinion, it makes it just a little more magical! I know some of the movies he’ll say “ahhh that’s a girllll movie” but tough luck kid! You’re gonna know all about all the characters you get to meet!

I started doing some serious research. I started reading blogs over what to watch. Began to look up the rides we have fast passes to, and the ones everyone WANTS fast passes to.

More than anything, this is probably just a list for my dad of what old movies to dig out of the garage. But hey, if it helps you and your kids get in the spirit for your upcoming trip, I would love nothing else but to share!

And y’all there are a TON of Disney and Pixar movies – but these are twenty I for sure want my son to have under his belt. These are OUR MUST-WATCH movies before OUR trip to Disney World. If you are planning your trip, look at your hotel, your rides you have scheduled, everyone has a little bit of a different agenda, but for us. THIS is it.


Beauty and the Beast

Peter Pan

Snow White

Toy Story

Monsters Inc.

Alice in Wonderland

Mary Poppins

Little Mermaid


A Bug’s Life

Finding Nemo

Lion King

Swiss Family Robinson


Mighty Ducks

This is more for us because we are staying at the All-Star Movies Resort and part of the hotel is themed with Mighty Ducks. This was one of my favorite movies growing up and I remember watching it over and over and when my son sees the life-size characters and pool at our hotel, I want him to know where it comes from.


Avatar (PG-13)

Pirates of the Caribbean (PG-13)

Star Wars


Kirstie Kay

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