Characteristics You Need to be a Mega Girl Boss

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We all want to be our own girl boss, am I right?

When I was in high school, I had NO idea what I wanted to do when I grew up! HECK, I didn’t even know the four years that I went to college! What I DID know was that I wanted to do my own thing!! I mean don’t we all??

After having my son, Kyser, I jumped head first into photography! Starting out, I had NO idea what I was doing. However, I did know I always enjoyed taking pictures so WHY NOT? I have been BLESSED beyond belief with this thing I call a “job”! I have been able to help support my family, work from home, and travel across the country doing what I love!!

Everyone always says how nice it must be to work from home and to have the flexibility of working for yourself. Making your own schedule, and always being able to make family functions and holidays is AMAZING but it also takes A LOT of work! But I couldn’t possibly make it through this life without a few simple characteristics to help guide my business!

So what do you need to be a girl boss? Let’s hear it! 

Characteristics you need to be a Mega Girl Boss


Being “the boss” means that you have to hold yourself accountable! There are days that I literally could stare at my computer screen all day, answering e-mails, editing pictures, updating social media, etc.. GBut then there are also other days that I literally do not want to answer one more message and am completely exhausted.

However, I’m a one-woman show! I do it all, which means, if I don’t stay on top of things, nothing will get done!

Girl boss, Characteristics of a girl boss

Plan your weeks out, assign certain days and time-slots for certain things! I am CONSTANTLY updating and re-writing my to-do list and without these scribbles on a piece of printer paper and my yearly planner, I would NOT be able to function.


If you want to be a mega girl boss, and run your own business YOU HAVE TO BE CONFIDENT IN WHAT YOU DO!!! 

Be your Own Girl Boss - Traits and Characteristics of a girl boss

Comparison is the thief of all joy!!! I have seriously sat time and time again comparing my work to other photographers, wondering if I should be editing a certain way or posing differently or focusing on different sessions. THIS is the WORST thing you can do!! 

Photography is a form of art, everyone is different, meaning if I love what I am creating, who cares what the people are doing around me! 


Time Management

Being your own girl boss, this is seriously something that I have really struggled with in the past, and I guess it could technically be listed under Self-Displine, but I wanted this as its own category because IT IS SO IMPORTANT!!! 

Be your own girl boss - characteristics of a girl boss

Each day you work, follow your to-do list and put it in categories! Answer your e-mails first, so that people have a chance to e-mail you back, then go on to your next task, which in my case is usually editing a session or creating content for social media. I then end my day with responding to any new e-mails or e-mails that I have had responses to. 

BUT WAIT…Does time-management just count for your daily tasks? NERRRPPP!!! One of the hardest things for me throughout the 4 1/2 years running my business was drawing a line between work and family! 

Working from home and for yourself is HARD! You constantly feel like you have work to do, and you don’t get to just turn your brain off! I work late nights, early mornings and throughout the day! 


I actually wrote a full blog post on how It is OKAY to Say No!!!!

DON’T let your family life suffer so your work life can thrive…find a happy medium!!! 


Self-care is so important in your every day life and happiness! If you don’t take care of yourself, nobody else will, and if you aren’t taking care of yourself then your business and personal life will suffer!

Start every day with a morning routine. Even if you don’t realize you have a set morning routine, you usually kind of do…

Wake up, get dressed, have a healthy breakfast, drink some coffee and get ready to hustle! 

Eat healthy and workout! OKAY! I’m totally guilty of binging on waffles, oreos, and buffalo wings, but on the days that I eat good healthy meals and do a workout, my energy levels are so much higher! Try it y’all…you will see a difference!!!

Being a girl boss is hard, but 100% worth it! 

Work for what you want and make it happen for yourself! ❤️

I can’t wait to see where this world takes you! 


Kirstie Kay


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