The Sisters

Meet the Sisters!

We are three best friends that decided to come together to start our very own Lifestyle and Travel Blog. Between the three of us, we thought we could bring you some fun, laughter, and maybe teach you a thing or two along the way.

We all met in our college years and worked together at Texas Roadhouse where we constantly stayed in trouble and were constantly creating new adventures for everyone to laugh about. Basically, we were a walking tornado – but a fun one! 

We are now all in different parts of our life and thought this would be a fun way to all come together even if sometimes it were via FaceTime to create a platform for others to enjoy!

Meet Kirstie:

Hi I’m Kirstie Kay! Wife to my super handsome hubs, Zach, and mom to two awesome boys Kyser and Kohen! I am a photographer in East Texas specializing in high school seniors and absolutely LOVE my “job” and the friendships I have made throughout time! I’m an adventurous, wine-drinkin’, Bloody Mary lovin’, boy mom, that loves to use a little sarcasm here and there and I hope to bring a little bit of all this to you!

If you would have asked me 3 months ago if I thought I would join my BiFFs, Tayler and Macie Jo, in starting a lifestyle and travel blog, I would have probably laughed and asked you, “with what time? Butttt, here we are and I can’t be more excited!

I have a HUGE passion for travel and I hope to eventually travel the world with my hubs and kids! I would love to be able to do a travel series over worldwide travel with kids and activities along the way! Just sitting here trying to convince my husband what a great idea that is!I hope that everyone can join us in the adventure we decided would be fun for us to do together and find some inspiration and maybe a few laughs! 💕

MUA: @e_m_mua

Meet Tayler:

Hey! I’m Tayler! Thank y’all for stopping by!

I’m a 30 year old, native Texan. I’m a proud wife to my good-looking husband Chad, who is pursuing a career in medicine. A stay at home Momma to two beautiful kiddos, Bryson + Blayne, that are super strong-willed.  Yep! Ask anyone!

I’m a lover of all things style, fitness, nutrition, coffee and bargain shopping! ..Stay tuned for tips and tricks on how I (try) to keep my bod in shape! I say “try” because I’m human and still enjoy an occasional McAlister’s sweet tea, chowing down on a burger and I can never turn down a chance to devour some chips and queso! YUM.

My interest in affordable but achievable style could help you, too, build a wardrobe on a dime!! I’ll give y’all some insight on where I get all the fun and cute attire for each season for super cheap at some of the stores we all know and LOVE. Heeeey Target!

I’m so excited to be doing this blog with my best friends and bringing y’all all the fun, fashion, and fitness!

Meet Macie Jo:

Hey, y’all! I’m Macie Jo, MJ or Mace… I’m a traveling, camper living, unfiltered, hot mess express of a Real Housewife! Wait. That makes me a Real Camperwife. There we go! #TheRealCamperwife I’m married to a SMOKING HOT Industrial Radiographer named, Matthew Dean.
We reside in East Texas, but travel the country following his work. We travel from coast to coast in our dually, living in our RV, with our husky rescue, Moon Cub. #DOGMOMYALL

I AM HERE for all things Housewife, Kardashian & Britney Spears! But, mostly I’m a BRAVO lovin’ babe! Shoutout to Andy Cohen!

I love fashion, celebrity gossip, trends, traveling, game shows, shopping, nail salon trips, finding local hotspots, food, animals and Jeopardy. Don’t ask.

When I’m not traveling w/ my hubs & my Moon Cub, I’m traveling around the US w/ my bestie, Kirstie, for her photo shoots, trying to convince the world that we’re famous….and I avoid our other bff Tayler at all cost so I don’t have to work out w/ her when I’m home. 👊🏼

Sometimes you just have to BFF from a distance. And that’s how ‘Share It Sister’ started.